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What We Believe

God compares His church to the human body. As a body has many parts and not all do the same thing, so it is with individual Christians and congregations.

Congregations come in all shapes and sizes – some are large with big programs, buildings, and staff--and serve the purpose for which God has created them.  Some are smaller and more intimate and serve the purpose for which God has created them.    Congregations are comprised of imperfect people who will at some point say or do something hurtful to others, but the good news is, God gives us the ability to forgive as He forgives us and to love others unconditionally as He loves us.

We at Christ Community have experienced our share of hurt, too, but God has been so faithful to heal our wounds and instill in us by His grace empathy to others who have experienced pain or disillusionment from other Christians.

We have no desire to pull anyone from their present congregation, but welcome with open arms any that need a place for rejuvenation and restoration.   Through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we desire to be a safe place for all to be and to grow as God tweaks, prunes, and restores through His wisdom, His timing, and His means. We desire to be a family that speaks life into each other.  We unashamedly believe in the core tenants of the Christian faith as represented in the Apostle's creed, and believe many "divisional" issues are simply preferences.  Our primary goal is to lift up Jesus and point people to Jesus for understanding God's will and nature. We believe God is more than capable of translating what His will is for each believer. Some folks come and stay a season and move on as God directs, and others stay or a bit longer to help others as they have been helped. If you're looking for a safe place to be, you are not alone: come join us at Christ Community and let’s do this journey together.